Ziba dressed for winter.

Same expression as her mother😍


Asti celebrated her birthday with sister Nikki. Later Yara came for a visit. Can't believe that she already is 4 year.

I also got pictures of her siblings. Here we have Ashten & Mio. See that Mio have same face as mother Mali.

Ulwazi's Born To Run First 2021

Mio 💖

Ulwazi's Born To Run Mio 4 years


🎈Happy Birthday🎈
Bowie, Ashten, Mio, Tito, Tassen, Thembu, Nikki, Ziba, Hazzel, Wilma, Asti
Can't believe you are already 4 years old.
We are so proud of you. Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay healthy and happy.

Love you all💖

Wilma 4 år
Nikki 4 år
Ashten 4 år
Bowie 4 år
Tito 4 år
Mio 4 år
Hazzel 4 år
Tassen 4 år
Thembu 4 år
Ziba 4  år
Asti 4 år
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