Shaka- 4 beste RR 2013

Gandhi relaxing, he is so happy, mum is home every day this Christmas:-)

 Loba and Mali after a rainy day. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GANDHI, 10 year today !!!!


Today is first Sunday of advent, and I now the time flies, soon christmas and we looking forward

to celebrate our first Christmas with Mali :-) 


What a day ! Sunday we attended a national show, Fitjar Stord Hundeklubb. It became Khan's big day. He went all the way to BIS and ended up as

Best In Show 3, Congratulations Anja & Guido :-)


Mali our new hope did very well too, and became BIR & BOG 2, she was the youngest puppy out of 4.

I am so happy and proud. Congratulations to Marit, Mali's breeder.

Conan and Loba got Excellent without CQ in Champion class, something both Trude and I were happy with.

Only two dogs got CQ, BOB and BOS, Congratulations to Hasina & Gjertrud who became BOS !

Khan and me in the BIS final


BIS 3 !!!

Mali 5 months, BOB & BOG 2 at her first show, as you can see a happy owner:-)

28/9-13- Shaka BOB and BOG 2, Loba BOS this weekend at a national show at Bønes !

Congratulations Kristin and Faraimo :-)

Some updates on show pages from this weekend and our trip to Stavanger,

I have also made new pages with Khan and Shaka's MH protocols  -only in Norwegian. (mentalbeskrivelse - mentalitytest )

I will try to make a spindle diagram too, hopefully I find someone who can help me :-)

New pictures on  Mali's page, she is a nice quiet puppy with piraya teeths

Khan meets the ghosts

Mali soon 4 months


What a weekend

Mocca got her last CAC on Saturday at an International show in Stavanger and became

Norwegian Champion  !!!

On Sunday arranged Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback club show and Mocca did her debut in the Champion class.

My little girl went all the way to the top, became best bitch and BOS.

I'm so happy and proud of our little princess. 

Shasa, Khans "brother " became BOB,  Congratulations Guido and Anja

       N UCH Ulwazi's Adjua Angel By Edelrood aka Mocca 

Shasa, Guido, Mocca and me,  judge Barbara Ruth Smith

18/8-13- Mali and Mocca, two good friends :-) 

10/8-13- Results from Nesbyen and Karmøy are updated. Links here : Khan,Mocca, Conan and Loba

Mali enjoys life, a happy little girl !


Sorry people, with a new puppy in the house and Mocca who also is visiting us for a couple a weeks it's no time left

to update the website. Everything goes well and it is so fun to have a puppy again:-)

I have started to make a page to Mali

Adjuaene has been at show and they did very well. Congratulations to Trude and Conan, and Anja and Khan :-) On Saturday Conan became BOS, and on Sunday Khan became BOS. I'm so proud of  you !!

Mocca 2,5 years

7/8-13- Mali and Loba

Welcome to us,  Kangelani's One Of A Kind Mali.

Many thanks to Marit, Kennel Kangelani for this little beautiful girl. More info will follow soon :-)

Our New girl Mali

Jahn Fredrik and Mali, first Meeting :-)


A few new pictures of Khan and his "brother" Sasha. They spend the summer in the Mountains.

Lucky guys enjoying great Norwegian nature.

Khan, our little Prince :-)

2/6-13 Last weekend was Team Ulwazi on Show at Bergen Travpark. A great weekend :-) 

We got our second Norwegian Champion, Conan took his last CAC Saturday,

and on Sunday he won the Champion class and was BOS.

Shaka became BOB on Saturday and ended by becoming BIS 4.

Congratulations Trude and Kristin !!!!

I have updated the showpages with all the results from the weekend

Shaka with all his lovely ribbons from Saturday

26/5-13- JIPPPI !!!!!!

Yesterday Conan was 3 BM with his last CAC, and he became NUCH, Congratulations Trude & Conan :-)

Kennel Ulwazi's second Champion, I'm so happy and proud.

Conan with his ribbons from Sunday :-)

22/5-13- This weekend we attended the Norwegian specialty Show 2013. We had a fantastic weekend at Malungen Gjestegård.

Judge Rosemary Green, Australia.


Khan, EXC AK

Gandhi, EXC VK 2VKK CQ

Mocca, VG AK


Thank you all for another great weekend and congratulations with nice results :-)

Shaka and Kristin did a great job and ended up as third best male. We are so happy and proud of you!!

Congratulations to Shaka and his family !!!

UnfortunatelyConan got KIP, (can not be judged) as he sadly limped, he got a thorn in one of his paws.

Trude and Conan went home a day earlier than the rest of us and on Monday I got a happy message from Trude, the paw were completely fine again and they surprised us all with a 1 price in blood tracking test. Congratulation Trude & Conan.

A proud Conan with his hoof :-)

4/5-13 International Show -NKK Ålesund, judge- Karl-Erik Johansson

Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood, Exc CHK 2 CHKK CQ, CAC, res CACIB, 2BM

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay EXC CHK 2 CHKK CQ 3BB

Ulwazi's Adjua Mocca By Edelrood, Exc AK 4AKK

Ulwazi,s Adjua Khan By Edelrood EXC AK

Congratulations Kristin and Faraimo !!

28/4-13 National Show -Førde Brukshundklubb, judge- Nils Molin


Ulwazi's Adjua Khan By Edelrood Exc AK 1 AKK CQ CAC BOB BOG 2 !!

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay EXC CHK 1 CHKK CQ BOS

Ulwazi's Adjua Mocca By Edelrood, Exc AK 1 AKK

Congratulations to Anja and Guido :-)

Same weekend Trude and Conan took the trip to Stavanger and attend two different shows.

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood

27/4-13- EXC AK 1 AKK

28/4-13 -EXC AK 1 AKK, CQ, CAC, 3BM

Congratulations Trude, one more Cac...and then :-)



Today we got Kennel Ulwazi, first Norwegian Champion.

Congratulations Kristin, Faraimo and Shaka. I'm so proud of you !!!

N UCH Adjua Shaka By Edelrood

6/4-13 International Show -NKK Bergen, judge- Wera Hübental:

Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood, Exc 1 CQ, CAC, res CACIB, 2BM

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood, Exc 2 CQ,

Ulwazi's Adjua Mocca By Edelrood, Exc 2 CQ

Ulwazi,s Adjua Khan By Edelrood VG

29/3-13- Yesterday we went to Gladihaug. Gandhi who is 9 years old now, needed a little rest on the top.

He is in good shape, but I have to respect that he is an older boy. Although he sometimes behaves like a teenager !!

Khan is quite similar to his mother, both of them have beautiful heads :-)

25/3- Happy Easter !!

Today I received email with pictures of our beautiful boy Khan. Many thanks to Anja and Guido !

Khan 2 years

Snow and ball, Khan and Mocca = Happiness !!!!

10/3-13- Yesterday we had a visit from Kristin and Shaka.

Mocca and Shaka appreciated the trip, lots of action :-)

It has been a wonderful weekend for team Ulwazi!

Sunday we went to the national show in Knarvik organized by Norhordaland Hundeklubb.

Excellent results for all 4 Adjuas:

Shaka BOB & BIG, Mocca BOS, Khan second best male and Conan number 4 in open class - all four with CQ !!

Congratulations, and a big thanks to you all for a wonderful day Kristin, Thale, Trude and Anja.

Mocca was expertly handled by her young human sister Thale - It was their first time out in the ring together

and I'm so incredibly proud and impressed with both of them :-)

Shaka the winner of the day, BOB and BIG !!

As you can see everyone is happy at dogshow, Guido, Anja, Faraimo and Krstin have some fun ringside :-)

Mocca on the move, first time in open class :-)


This weekend we have been at international show in Bø. Results from NKK Bø on Mocca, Shaka and Khan's page.

Kristin and her lovely boy Shaka, a wonderful couple,congratulations with Excellent results Kristin :-)


Today we celebrate Loba's birthday, a great thanks to Marit who trusted me and gave me this lovely girl.

Time flies 6 years today:-)

Happy Birthday to Loba and all her beautiful siblings from Kangelani's G-litter

Shaka, celebrated his 2 years day with candle and homemade burger, happy boy :-)

31/1- and his brother "Sasha", waiting for mom who is at work, Khan sweet as candy, as always :-)

A- litter 2 years today:-)

Happy Birthday, Mocca, Khan, Conan and Shaka !!!

13/1-13- Today we have been on trip with Anja and Khan, finally great weather after lots of rain.

Some pics from the trip in the gallery.

Khan, Anja and Loba, hmm, some goodies on the way ?

13/1-13- Not the best picture, but I like it, Khan is ready for action, our little bodybuilder, lots of power in this boy :-)

 1/1-2013- Happy New Year !!

Khan on the top, Stoltzen !!

Copyright ® Sonja Helene Olsen

Kennel Ulwazi wish you the best for 2014 and  Happy New Year ! !!

I’m so happy and proud, 2013 has been a great year for the Adjua litter. Soon they will be 3 years,

and I’m looking forward to celebrate the birthday together with all my lovely puppy buyers.

All 4 of them are healthy, active dogs and behaving very well.

A big Thank to Anja, Trude, Kristin and Silje who take so good care of them,

I hope we will get many many more years with a lot of fun and happiness and wish you all the best for 2014 !!!

We got three new titles this year, Shaka, Conan and Mocca have all became N UCH,

and at our latest show before christmas Khan ended up as BIS 3. I'm so proud of you all.

Congratulations to Kristin, Faraimo with Shaka's 4th place at Norways RR Top list 2013.