Mocca, our little princess

12/12-12- Happy Birthday to Gandhi, 9 years young today !!!

5/12-12 - Loba has been on ultrasound, unfortunately no puppies in January.

26/11- 12- We have been in Lillestrøm at Dogs4All/NV2012 this weekend, results see Show pages.

Mocca 22 months, I love her expression, our little princess!

10/11-12- Show today Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb

Khan Exc, CQ and Shaka Exc. Both with excellent critiques More info Show pages

5/11-12- Me and Loba is in Sweden and Loba and Wilson are mated first time today :-)

Now we cross our fingers and hopes Kangelani's N- Litter will be born early in January next year.

As you can see Loba is very satisfied about Marits choice. More pictures from their date, go to gallery

28/10-12- New pictures, Khan, Shaka , Mocca and Conan, almost 21 months.

Our little princess, ready for action !

Khan !! Thanks Anja, great pictures as always !!


If everything goes as planned Loba will be mated with the highly successfull



Roseridge Red Rastaban "Wilson"

This will be Kangelani's N -litter more info on: www.kennelkangelani.com

Both Loba and Wilson are both x-rayed free from hip and elbow dysplasia and are healthy dogs.

You can find more information about Wilson on his own website here

More info abut Loba and her first litter you will find on this this website. Loba's side , and Adjua litter here

If you are intrested in this litter please feel free to contact Marit on maritcathrine@hotmail.com

If you have any questions about Wilson please feel free to contact Johanna on johanna@ridgebackwilson.com

30/9-12- Results from BSBK national show, Shaka got his second CAC -)

Congratulations Shaka and Kristin !!

22/9-12 -Conan's show results on his page, and also results from his Character test :-) (Karaktertest)

Khan's results here

19/9-12- Last weekend international Show in Stavanger:

Conan get his first CAC, and brought home Ulwazi's first Internationale CAC !!

Conan ith his first CAC

Conan get his first CAC, and brought home Ulwazi's first Internationale CAC !!

16/9-12 NKK Rogaland, judge Niels Brandstrup Norway

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood, Exc 1 intermediat class, CQ, CAC, res CACIB, 2BM

Ulwazi's Adjua Khan By Edelrood, Exc 2 intermediat class

Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood, Exc 2 open class

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay, VG champion class.

I'am happy and proud of our boys :-)


Big congratulations to Trude and Conan! Thanks to Kristin and Faraimo, who was so kind to take Conan with you to Stavanger,

when Trude unfortunately could not join us this weekend, Kristin showed Conan also, many thanks KristinJ


I think mum Loba is excellent, even if the judge doesn't agree

28/8-12- Better late than never, time flies (:- Have updated show results from our weekend at Oslo

Loba, Khan, Mocca and Shaka


Mocca at NKK Oslo


From our trip to Verdal this Summer, here is my sister Toril and our dogs !


1/8 -The summer vacation is over, top with 3 weeks off :-) This weekend we were at Karmøy, beautiful weather and great results !!

Have updated show results, Gandhi,Loba,Khan and Mocca.

I'am so proud, both Mocca and Khan got CAC this weekend, it was not only the sun that was shining:-)

Gandhi in the ring, he is so happy, and enjoys being at the shows.

Kennel Ulwazi Wishes everyone a Happy Summer !!!

Loba and Mocca


 20/6-12 Mocca looking for action !!

9/6-12 New photos in Gallery from our trip today. Khans page, new picture of Khan 16 months

 Gandhi and Loba

2/6-12- Last Weekend we attended the Norwegian speciality Show 2012. We had a fantastic weekend at Malungen, thanks to all of you.

Loba and her puppies from our A-litter got Excellent, and all three boys were placed in the Junior Class !!

Khan number one with CQ, Shaka second with CQ and Conan number four.

Photos and results on their own Show pages. More photos from the great weekend in Gallery

Anja, Khan, Kristin, Shaka, Trude and Conan, Three beautiful boys with their lovely owners :-)


NKK International national show in Lillesand.. Judge Helge Werner Hagen :

Ulwazis Adjua Khan By Edelrood won the junior class, Exc 1, CQ,

Kangelani's Gentle Loba by Clay: Exc.

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan by Edelrood: Very Good 33

Ulwazi's Adjua Mocca by Edelrood: Very Good 2

More pictures from the beach in Gallery

On the way home we spenta night in Stavanger, Mocca enjoys running on the beach.

Loba tries to learn Khan good behavior


Gratulerer til Trude og Conan med bestått karaktertest, og det med glans :-)


Førde Brukshundklubb, national show in Naustdal. Judge Vigdis Nymark:

Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka by Edelrood: Exc 1, CQ, CAC, Best male, BOB, BOG 1

Kangelani's Gentle Loba by Clay: Exc1, CQ, Best bitch, BOS

Ulwazi's Adjua Khan by Edelrood: Exc2

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan by Edelrood: VG3

Ulwazi's Adjua Mocca by Edelrood: G


Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka by Edelrood: Exc 1, CQ, CAC, Best male, BOB, BOG 1

Big congrats to Kristin, Faraimo and Shaka with today's fantastic results!!


20/4-12 - Conan's x-rayed result from NKK, They were Excellent, HD: A

Mocca ED : A


15/4-12 -Today, International Dogshow in Bergen:

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay Exc 2, CQ, Second best bitch, res Cacib.

Ulwazi's Adjua Khan By Edelrood won a strong junior class , Exc CQ and res CAC.

Ulwazi's Adjua Skaka By Edelrood Exc 3.

Ulwazi's Adjua Anglel By Edelrood, aka Mocca Exc 3.

.Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood Vg.

Thank you all for a great day:-)

Congratulations to Brother Thanzi with BOB and sister Malaika with BIM !!

Loba and Gandhi !

5/4-12- Kennel Ulwazi wishes everyone a Happy Easter !! Now we look forward to spring and summer :-)

Mocca has been X-rayed, HD-AA, I'am so happy, now we waiting for the boys !

Conan 14 months, a happy boy !


25/3-12 Pictures from our trip to løvstakken yesterday in gallery

New photos of Khan and Shaka, they are almost 14 months, two handsome boys !



 Nice Picture from Anja of our Khan on a early morning trip

19/-3-12- The days pass by with training, walking, cycling, soon it's spring !

Fresh picture of Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood !

Trude and Conan on Løvstakken

27/2-12 Great news Khan BOB and BOG 2 last weekend !!

Khan BOB with his first CAC and Shaka second best dog with res CAC !!

27/2-12- - Show pages update with very good results from Manger .

Adjuaene did a great job in the ring this weekend, all behaved very well. I'm so proud of all 4 :-) Congratulations to Anja, Kristin and Trude and many thanks !!

First CAC and BOB ,BIG2 from own breeding, + res CAC on one weekend, much more than I expected !!


Thanks for the trip Anja. Pictures from the trip in gallery


International Exhibition Bø: Mocca needs more ring training, Khan behaved very well,  Loba had not quite the day, but all three got exellent !

Khan on the move !


Mocca the kangaroo, much more fun in the snow than at the dogshow, Jippi !!


Khan having fun in the snow !!

Loba and Conan on trip in the wood

As you can see,Shaka has developed very well.

31/1-12- HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

Mocca, Khan ,Shaka and Conan one year today !

14/1-12- Some new pictures of Khan, blogg

 Khan 11 months, Many thanks to Anja and Guido who takes so many great pictures of our cute little boy !

Conan 11 mnd, picture from My Dog, Exellent with CQ !!!


Kristin and Shaka

 Big Thanks to all three, Anja,Trude and Kristin, not everyone who will travel so  far for a dogshow :-)

Pictures from My Dog - Show page update with pictures

                I am  Very proud of you all both two and four-legged !!

8/1-12-Results from My Dog Gøteborg

Blogg- only norwegian

6/1-12- Conan Exellent, CQ, number two in the Junior class and Shaka Exellent and No. 3 in the class!

5/1-12 - Khan Exellent No. 2 in junior class, Shaka Exellent and No. 3 in the class!

Congratulations to Anja, Trude and Kristin !!

Adjuaene is on exhibition , results and critics are updated. Conan, Shaka and Khan.

An extra congratulation to Trude and Conan who got Kennel Ulwazi's first CQ !!!


4/1-2012-  Blogg (only in Norwegian)


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