Miss Yellow, who now has the name Wilma, has also moved to Germany. She doesn't live far from Daddy Tutu. Wilma has moved to Agnes and Matthias and their 2 boys. She will have an active life with dog sister Lotte.
Wilma was our little Princess in the litter, not easy to send her so far away.

Wilma's own webpage here

Exciting times ahead, Wilma has got her own website

Wilma, Miss yellow, love her ears 💖

(Pic:lucygrafie may 2020)

Ulwazi's Born To Run Wilma

Wilma, still a Princess

Wilma 3 years 😍

Princess Wilma 

Mars 2019

Wilma 2 years

Prinsessen Wilma nyter livet

Wilma og Pappa Tutu, tusen takk for bilder Gabi & Agi, Så kjekt å se de to sammen

Wilma 11 months

Wilma 6 mnd. på show trening :-)

Wilma 5 mnd.

Wilma 4 uker

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