First was Mr Brun in, he was the last puppy to leave home. First aka Ashten has moved to England.
There he will live with Sarah and Scott, their 3 children, 4 RR ladies, hens and ponies.

March 2020- Sun bathing đŸ’„

Ashten enjoy run in the sun, love to see him so happy, thank you for pictures Kim ❀

1/9-19- Ashten at show, when I see his face and eyes I see a lot of Mali, lovely boy, Thanks to Kim for the picture

26/7-18- Herlig bilde fra Sarah & Scott


It is ten months since me and Anja left my little boy in Denmark, our hearts was crying for a long time...

Last weekend we met him again. He has grown up to be a amazing boy inside and out, so relaxed, calm and happy.

Now my heart is warm and I’m a really proud breeder :-)


Thank you Sarah & Scott who take so good care of him.

Ashten 14 months

Ashten celebrating his first birthday, look at that lovely face

Ashten 8 months

Ashten snart 5 mnd. sammen med alle damen sine

First,aka,  Ashten i sitt nye hjem

First og Sarah

Jeg og Anja reiste til Danmark for Ä mÞte Sarah og Scott. First taklet alle nye utfordringer fint, koste seg masse pÄ DanskebÄten hvor han fikk masse oppmerksomhet

PÄ vei til England med DanskebÄten. Anja var med, godt Ä ha reisefÞlge pÄ en sÄnn tur.

First 3 mnd.

First, Loba, Mali & Asti

First 7 uker +

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