Mocca is our firstborn and the only girl from our A-litter. Of course I wanted her to
 stay at home with me, but due to my health situation at the time it just wasn’t possible.
 Fortunately I was lucky enough to find a lovely family that takes really good care of my girl!
 Mocca now lives with Silje and Torfinn together with 4 kids, 3 cats and an adult RR, Kenzo.
 She could not be happier! Time will tell if one day she fulfills my hopes of continuing the family line.

 Pictures 0-4 months                       

 Mother : N SE UCH Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay
 Father : 
                Inanda Mellberg Edelrood    
Height: 60 cm Weight: 30 kg. 
 Full dentition, correct scissor bite.
 HD: A/A ED:0/0  DM: N/N (Free)
EOAD (Early Onset Adult Deafness) : Carrier
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Mocca 3 år


 17/9-13 -Our little girl gained the title Norwegian Champion on Saturday, next day she became BOS at  our RR club specialty on Sunday :-)

Mocca 2,5 years.

5/5-13- Mocca with her Diamonds.

Mocca always ready for action !



9/3-13- Mocca, our little princess enjoys the life, love to run and have fun in the wood. It' is a pleasure everytime she coming to visit us.

Mocca 2 years



28/10-12-  Mocca our little princess, almost 21 months. I love her expression, always alert and ready for action !





Mocca 1,5 year

Mocca 10 months


5/11-11- Mocca has been in 7 puppy shows, has 1 BOB and 5 BOS so I'm very pleased . Next time it is junior class. I think she needs a little more time to develop.
We will  travel to Stord next weekend with the rest of the gang and then we take a break to spring 2012

Mocca relaxing, Silje has been on shopping again, Hunter collar with crystals,  beautiful!.

                                 Sweet Mocca our little Angel                                                                                                        Mocca takes a nap with mam and uncle Gandhi





2011-09.05- Mocca has been on trippelshow in Drammen. A great weekend 2 x BOS and she became BOB puppy  at our little Norwegian RR-Spesialty !

2011-08-06- Mocca has been on show last weekend. Results here


Mocca 5 months.



Moccajenten i sitt flotte halsbånd




Mocca var med oss på RR-Spesialen i helga. Hun fikk da være med i ringen for første gang. Klarte seg veldig bra,litt småblyg foran dommerene men løp veldig fint.

I år var det mange flotte valper med så det var hard konkurranse, ble ingen plassering på oss denne gang. Blir spennende fremover å se hvordan de utvikler seg fremover. Mocca

var den laveste av alle sammen så det blir spennende å se videre hvor høy hun vil bli til slutt.

BIR ble Exgate's Well Made Lea og BIM ble Kifani's Kamili Kamau Korak By Eros, Gratulerer til begge to :) 

Flinke jenten som løper så fint !


Mocca er en oppvakt nysgjerrig frøken, det var utrolig gøy å ha henne med på tur !


Mocca og Loba overnatter i hytte  på Vangsmjøsa  










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