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Rhodesian Ridgeback


5/4-20- Mali & Asti are waiting for the spring. They look forward to warmer weather and longer trips. Hope you all are are healthy, take care and stay safe 💖

We are so pride of our puppies, they have developed nicely. It warms my heart when I receive so many nice pictures, thank you all 🥰

Ulwazis Born To Run First
UlwazisBorn To Run Bowie


Beautiful weather today, without rain 💥


Happy Birthday

Bowie, Nikki, Hazzel, Asti, Tito, Thembu, Ashten, Wilma, Tassen, Mio & Ziba.

3 years today 🎈🎈🎈

 I'm proud of you all, wish you all a long happy, healthy life 🍀Love you😍


Mitt hjerte er knust, tårer faller på mitt kinn. Min aller kjæreste Loba, vår dronning. Vi elsker deg så masse.

Takk for at du delte livet med akkurat oss, din kjærlighet, din lykke og glede.

Tusen takk til Marit som stolte på meg og gav oss denne enestående jenten. Takk til Sigrid.

 Alltid i mitt hjerte 💖

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay 20.02.2007 – 03.01.2020

There is a bridge up in our mountain. I can see it like a rainbow.

On the other side I know our beloved Gandhi is waiting for you.

Now you both can run together, take care of each other until we meet again 

Kangelani's Gentle Loba By clay
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